please call for details

all 30 minute lessons are followed by 15 minute intervals
allowing little extra time (if required) or so a slightly late student can still have a full lesson

•4pm, •4.45 & •5.30 (weekly or fortnightly)

•4pm & •4.45 (fortnightly only)
•5.30, • 6.15 & •7pm (weekly or fortnightly)

•4pm & •6.15 (both fortnightly only)
•4.45 & •7pm (weekly or fortnightly)

•3.15 & •6.15 (weekly/fortnightly)

•12.15 (fortnightly only)

all lessons are a guaranteed minimum of 30 minutes

hourly lessons are available owing to availability and a deposit

methoDrum is closed on sundays and mondays